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Sonix IV Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems deliver industrial-strength power and performance to any organization. Benchtop, deckmount and touchpad equipment are built to last and trusted by some of the nation's leading names in the medical, manufacturing, automotive, Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners, metalworking and electronics industries.

Realize unsurpassed cleaning power.

Safely and gently remove built-in and caked-on grime, oil, grease, rust and wax along with microscopic contaminants and particles - even in hard to reach places. Deep clean delicate surgical instruments and fine jewelry as well as rugged machinery, tools and hydraulic components.

Sonix IV equipment is built with exceptional quality craftsmanship and mechanics with units fully or primarily composed of tough stainless steel. Obtain a precise level of cleaning using adjustable heat settings and a built-in thermostat, digital timer and state-of-the-art touchpad.

Protect your employees, your environment and your bottom line.

Powered by superior ultrasonic technology and non-toxic cleaning agents, our benchtop ultrasonic cleaners equipment and industrial duty ultrasonic cleaners provide an eco-friendly alternative to help organizations avoid toxic solvents. Protect your employees, your environment and your bottom line with high-tech equipment that cleans by means of imperceptible high-frequency sound waves.

With Sonix IV, organizations improve user safety and reduce the cost in purchasing multiple detergents and solvents. Mitigate chemical spills, splashes and inhalation, while also ensuring those substances aren't disposed down the drain and introduced into the environment.

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